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6 Dimensions Fitness Coaching & Personal Training was designed to give you the personal transformation experience you deserve. No more fad diets or overly extreme exercise programs; just real results based upon your goals, hopes, and needs.
Everyone has an ideal of what their ideal self would be like. I will help you achieve it all while still enjoying your life! 
My goal is to help you look better, feel better, and live better than ever!


Mel is a top notch trainer. She has a very well rounded approach to fitness. She took time to discuss my fitness goals and help me be realistic about what it takes to get there. She counseled me on diet and exercise and took me through challenging workouts designed just for me. On days were I felt bad about not achieving what I should, she encouraged and inspired me to do better. I definitely saw improvement in my endurance and strength. If you want a personalized, friendly, nonjudgmental and effective approach to training you need to work with Mel!

Tiffany D.

Mel was great to work with. She listened to my concerns and adjusted my workouts to coincide with my abilities and limitations. She found ways to challenge me and improve my strength. She helped me to feel more confident about my body and what I was capable of.

Cheryl C.

I've been working with Mel since she started her business. What I like most is her positive approach. She never asks what I did wrong this week, it's always "what do you feel good about?" She is so simplistic, so practical, and extremely inspirational. She leads by example and I always think, "if I could just be more like her..." I've had ups and I've had downs but thru it all she has continued to be a positive force in my life.

Stephanie A.

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