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Happy client photo
Happy client photo
Happy client photo


"Mel is great at encouraging me, giving me great advice and sharing exercise and nutrition tips.  Since I started working with her at 6 Dimensions, my life has improved dramatically. One of my first goals was to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday.  When my 30th birthday arrived, not only had I met my goal but I lost an additional 10 pounds so I am 40 pounds lighter! More importantly I feel energized and amazing." -Liz E.

"I became a client with 6 Dimensions to lose weight before my wedding day.  It was important to me to look beautiful on my wedding day and dance with my friends and family without feeling out of breath.  After working with Mel for 2 months, my dress had to be altered.  I lost weight and inches!  More importantly, I never left the dance floor on my wedding day." - Arianna H.


​"Mel is the least judgmental person ever; I feel so comfortable. I don't feel like she is judging my weight, or judging me for hating exercise.  I honestly just felt like she wanted me to figure out what I wanted and help me get there!"-Katie M.

"Melanie is the best at tailoring workouts for each individual. She helps with nutritional ideas as well. It’s never a boring routine workout. She switches it up every week. Can’t thank her enough for helping me with mind, body and health!" -Suzanne C.

"Mel is an outstanding trainer! She makes all goals achievable with her constant support! She gives you the tools you need to maintain your goals once you have reached them. Her positivity is like no one else I know! I highly recommend Mel to anyone and everyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle!" -Emily C.

"I used Mel's coaching program when I was trying to get fitness back into my life while caring for a toddler, and it was just what I needed to keep motivated and working towards my goals. I set my own goals each week, which made me feel like I was in charge of my success and direction. Mel was there to celebrate my successes, keep me interested in workouts, and to support me when I ran into obstacles. As a working mom herself, she is realistic yet understood my need to work on myself as well as my family. Love Mel!" -Krista G.

"I'm so glad to have found Mel on Facebook. I always like her posts and decided to give the training a try and am so happy I did. The workouts and having someone to check in with to help hold myself accountable has worked great for me. But I'd say the best part is Mel always meets you where you're at on your journey to health and never makes you feel judged! She motivates and educates without making you feel like you have to deprive yourself. I've lost a little weight and I feel the habits that I'm developing will stay with me rather than just going on some diet that would eventually end at some point and lead me back to where I started. It's been a totally positive experience for me!" Kasi S.

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