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Mel's 10 Minute Meals E-Book

Mel's 10 Minute Meals E-Book

Do you find it difficult to balance nutrition with indulgence? If so, you are not alone!


Did you know that you can still see results in your weight loss plan while enjoying the food you love? That’s why I wrote Mel’s 10-Minute Meals. For years I struggled with wanting to drop body fat without sacrificing the food I love to eat. I found myself fluctuating between not paying much attention to my food habits to following a restrictive (and frustrating) low-calorie diet. The pressure I put on myself to cook long recipes with dozens of ingredients was intense! Not to mention time consuming and hard to maintain over time.


Spending so much time in the kitchen on complicated recipes is a thing of the past as long as you have balance. I know this first hand. My best physique results (and the most sustainable way of eating I have ever experienced) happened once I decided it was possible to weight while also enjoying food.  For any of you that feel the same way, this e-book was made especially for you. 

In Mel’s 10-Minute Meals you’ll receive:


  • Calorie and protein information for each food in the book
  • Quick and easy recipes that take 10-minutes or less
  • Delicious ideas to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks more exciting!
  • Details on my favorite protein bars and protein shakes


PLUS! Get a bonus section of the book all about fast food meal ideas, because let’s be honest, we live busy lives but want to keep on track!


If you’re tired of fad diets and set unrealistic expectations for yourself then it’s time to read Mel’s 10-Minute Meals. Learn how to improve your nutrition while still enjoying the food you love.  Download your copy today.

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