Stronger Than Ever + 8 Week Online Coaching Package

Stronger Than Ever + 8 Week Online Coaching Package

Let's do this together!


With this 8-week online coaching program, I will be your coach as you work through the "Stronger Than Ever" strength training program.  This program provides you with everything you need to look and feel stronger than you ever have before.  The program includes weekly workout logs you can print to track progress and instructional vidoes to ensure you are confidently perfoming the exercises with proper form.  In addition to simplifying your exercise program, I will work closely with you to help you improve your nutrition without restrictive dieting.  Learn how to eat in a way that will help you shed unwanted pounds, tone up, and feel better than ever all while still enjoying food.   All this in addition to weekly check ins to discuss your progress and keep you motivated throughout the program!


What's included in this package:

  • "Stronger Than Ever" 8 Week Strength Training Program
  • 8-weeks of online coaching
  • Weekly email check-ins 
  • Access to the 6 Dimension's client group
  • Customized nutrition recommendations
  • Accountability and support throughout the 8-week program


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